Recent Updates

Summary of announcements & mobile app updates

5x7 Postcards in Envelopes

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5x7 Postcards are officially out of Beta! The postcards are printed on a thicker matte paper stock, shipped in a white envelopes. They are licked and sealed by a dedicated pack of labradoodles we have on our team. These premium postcards are bound to make an impression. Send them to your own list of customers, neighbors or businesses. Keep them in mind for the upcoming holiday season.

Mail-to-List & Mail-to-Neighbors

By popular request, we added a new mailing list feature. Mail to your own list of addresses, or to 💥 10-100 neighbors 💥 around each address. Use it to find new prospects, or send thank-you notes and season's greetings to existing customers.

Custom Mailing List Upload

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New Text Generation Tools

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“What do I put on the back of my postcard?” - We frequently get this question and so we created some easy to use tools that auto-generate marketing text for you to use on your postcard and in your other marketing materials.

Business Description Generator - Creates a tagline & three sentences summarizing your business. Plus an offer, specific to your unique business.

Services List Generator - Creates a list of 10 services typically offered by businesses similar to yours.

Name Generator - Creates a list of catchy names for a businesses type and location.

Postcard Quality Improvements

In 2023, we turned up the SHINE! We made updates to our postcard printing process that results in a Gloss Cover with protective UV coating on the front and back of our postcards. Additionally, we switched to a thicker, higher quality paper stock.

This dynamic duo of changes means that your postcards will have more POW 💥, and even more impact! They are more impressive than ever and will help you get more leads to move your business forward in 2023. Try them out and don't forget to request a Free Copy of the postcard during the checkout process so you can see the changes.

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Custom Mailing Area Selection

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With this new feature, the users on our website can select a custom mailing area for their direct mail campaign. Very useful if you are looking to send postcards to homes in a subdivision, along a specific road, adjacent to a landmark, exclude apartment buildings, etc..

Custom Mailing Area

QR Code Generator

QR codes are being used more and more frequently since the majority of modern mobile devices now support them. Add QR codes to your postcards to make it easier for your customers to learn about your business and reach out. Create a QR code for your business using our new QR code generator -

QR Code Generator

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Release Notes

Mobile App - Android & iOS, Major Releases

Mobile App v1.4.0

January, 2023

Updated postcard Sharing features. Order tracking & reporting updates. Compatibility with Apple M1 or later hardware, with macOS 11.0 or later.

Mobile App v1.3.8

September, 2021

Updates to postcard upload feature to improve stability and speed. Improvements to postcard image quality.

Mobile App v1.3.7

August, 2021

Now Accepting Apple Pay - Apple Pay is the easiest and most secure way to pay in Neighborhood Postcards. Simply tap Pay with Apple Pay and complete your purchase without the need to fill out a form.

Mobile App v1.2.9

July, 2018

Full size image upload for the reverse side of the postcard. New help section and guidelines on image aspect ratio uploads and resolution. Improved experience for repeat purchases. Minor bug fixes and usability improvements.

Mobile App v1.2.4

May, 2018

You spoke and we listened. We are rolling out a new 'Save Design' feature. It is now possible to save a postcard design and continue where you left off. New updates to the order status screen. Faster address search algorithm.

Mobile App v1.1.4

April, 2018

Special offer for new users - design and send 10 postcards for free! Other improvements: new postcard designs for construction, retail, real estate, restaurants and medical professionals. Larger postcard quantities. Stability improvements. Compatibility with latest iOS.

Are you a small business owner?

Here are other tools and services you might find useful

Mailing Visualizer

Use our intuitive map to select your target neighborhood and see the approximate mailing area.

Postcards Designs

Select from a variety of templates. Specifically designed for simplicity and effectiveness.

Order Express Lane

If you already have full images to upload, skip the app, and use our Order Express Lane.

Design Services

Don't know where to begin? Use our Design Services and have your mailing ready in days.