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Design and send marketing postcards in minutes. Look up residential, business addresses or mailing routes to create local marketing campaigns in the neighborhoods where you want to get business.

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Select mailing area, upload images and submit your order . Prefer to mail postcards from your phone? Our app is also available on iOS and Android.


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Here's how it works

Select Mailing Area

Use our intuitive map to select your target neighborhood and the number of residences.

Design the Postcard

Select from a variety of templates. Add a photo of your work, an offer and your contact info.

We Do The Rest

We print the postcards, lick the stamps, get the addresses and send your postcards.

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Features & Details

Intuitive Map Selection

Use the map to see the exact target area for your postcards. Use your current location or enter an address.

Up-to-date Address List

We work with industry-leading data aggregator to validate the addresses before sending the postcards.

High Resolution Templates

Our marketing and design experts have created postcard templates that are bound to leave an impression and land you more leads.

Photo Uploads

You are proud of your work and a picture is worth a thousand words. Snap a photo with your phone, add it to the postcard and let your work speak volumes.

Premium Paper and Print Quality

We use premium paper and the latest printing technology to make sure your postcards have a strong impact.

Same Day Printing

All orders placed before 10am PST (1pm EST) are sent to production the same day. Let us help you get the word out quickly.

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Prefer to order online?
Use our new studio to select the mailing area, upload images and complete your order in minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Installing the App
Where can I download Neighborhood Postcards mobile app?

Neighborhood Postcards is available from the iTunes app store and Google Play Store.

What devices does Neighborhood Postcards support?

Neighborhood Postcards is available on iOS and Android based devices.

How does the app work?

Neighborhood Postcards enables the user to create and send a marketing campaign in three simple steps. First, the user selects a target location. This can be your current location or any other address. Second, the user selects the quantity of postcards to send. Third, the user designs the card, picks from a set of high-quality postcard templates, uploads a photo, adds the business contact information and places the order.

Selecting a Location
How does Neighborhood Postcards know my location?

Neighborhood Postcards uses GPS coordinates of your mobile device to determine your current location. You will be prompted to grant Neighborhood Postcards access to your location when using this app for the first time. This is completely optional.

Is it possible to enter a specific center point for my postcard campaign?

Absolutely. Neighborhood Postcards allows you to enter an address that will serve as a center point of the Neighborhood Postcards' campaign. Location-aware address validation will automatically recommend the most likely address, so you will only have to type the first few letters of the address to get started.

What neighborhoods should I target with my postcard campaign?

Consider neighborhoods that have the highest number of potential customers. A building contractor might want to target a neighborhood that has homes of a certain age. A dog walker might want to market to a neighborhood along an existing route. A landscaper could consider targeting neighborhoods with housing lots over a certain size.

How does Neighborhood Postcards determine the target recipients of the mailing?

Neighborhood Postcards searches for addresses closest to the target location you’ve selected. It then checks each address for deliverability against multiple data sources. If the address is not deliverable, the system picks the next closest address.

Is it possible to download the address list of where the postcards were sent?

Definitely. After submitting the order, you can see exactly where the postcards were sent. All paying customers also get a link to a web-based report that shows the recipient addresses, postcard images & the current status of each postcard.

Designing a Postcard
Is it possible to feature my own photo on the postcard?

Yes. In addition to seasonal and industry-specific designs, Neighborhood Postcards' templates allow you to prominently feature a photo (or another custom graphic) of your choice. Please remember that the postcards will be trimmed approximately 1/4 of an inch from the edge of the document. Click to see detailed design specs.

I already have full images to upload, do I still need to use the app?

We also have an online ordering process where you can easily upload a full design on each side of the postcard, select the target mailing area and complete your order in minutes. Click here to get started.

What types of photos should I include on the postcard?

We recommend using photos that demonstrate the quality of your product or service, such as work recently completed in the neighborhood. You might also consider featuring a photo of your store or some of the products you sell.

How much text can I include on the postcard?

There is not a set limit of how much text can be put on a postcard. Neighborhood Postcards attempts to intelligently position the text on the postcard and will decrease the font size to allow for more content. As you design the postcard, you will see a digital rendition of it in real time. All templates allow for a prominent call to action on the front of the postcard. In addition, the back of the postcard has pre-filled text about your business. There is also space for detailed contact info. Less is more - spend time to make sure the text is brief and straight to the point.

Can I add an offer? What makes a good offer?

Yes, we recommend adding an offer. There is a place on the front and back of the postcard to add the offer text. Perhaps, you could tell customers about an upcoming sale, a grand opening or a new product. If you run a service-based business, the offer could be about a free estimate or about a discount for first time buyers. A good offer builds excitement about your business and gets people to try the product or service. Still not sure what to write? Try our new Marketing Content Generator.

Placing an Order
What are the payment options?

Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Your credit card will be charged within 24 hours of placing the order in Neighborhood Postcards. The charge will appear as Stripe*NeighborhoodPostcards.

Can I send a copy of the postcard to myself?

Yes. On the order confirmation screen, click on the link to request a personal copy of the postcard. You do not have to complete the order to get a free copy. We will send a free postcard to the address you have specified at the same time we ship your order (if placed). As a rule of thumb, this is a good way to know that the postcards have arrived in the mailboxes of target recipients.

What is the paper quality and the dimensions of the postcard?

The postcard is printed in full-color on Premium, 14pt. glossy card stock. The finished postcard dimensions are 6.0" x 4.0" (152 mm x 102 mm).

When will the postcards arrive?

We review the postcards within 1 business day. With United States Postal Service First Class shipping, the postcards will arrive within 5-7 days after the order date. We cannot guarantee the exact date as this is dependent on the postal service.

How are the postcards mailed?

Neighborhood Postcards are mailed using the First Class United States Postal Service.

Customer Support
How can I track my Neighborhood Postcards order?

After placing the order you will receive the following communication from us. First, our payment processor (Stripe) will email you a receipt. Second, our fulfillment system will email you when the postcards are verified and sent to print. This email will include a link to a real-time report that shows exactly where the postcards were sent and the latest tracking information for each postcard. If you have not received any communication from us within 48 hours after placing the order, please reach out and we will be happy to track the order for you. Please also note that a personal copy of the postcard can be included for free and sent to the address of your choice.

I changed my mind. How long do I have to cancel my order?

We always seek to provide the highest quality of service possible. Order cancellation and a credit can be issued only within two days of the order. Please contact us to cancel your order.

How do I get notified of the new updates?

Please visit our website periodically to see all of the new updates.

How do I reach support with questions?

We would love to hear your feedback and will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with Neighborhood Postcards. If you have any additional questions or comments, please send an email to