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Image Upload - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order postcards?

Create and send marketing, direct mail postcards in three simple steps. First, upload high resolution images for the front and the reverse side of the postcard. Second, select the quantity of postcards to send and the target mailing area. Third, review and complete the order. It is that simple.

What are the image upload requirements?

PDF, PNG, and JPGs must be sized at 4.25"x6.25", 6.25"x9.25", or 6.25"x11.25" at 300 DPI. For 4"x6" postcards, we recommend an image of at least 1275px by 1875px.

What if I don't have a full-size image to upload?

Please download our full-featured mobile app called Neighborhood Postcards. With the mobile app, you can market your business on-the-go. The app automatically recognizes your location, so all you have to do is, take a photo of your work, add contact info and we take care of the rest. Neighborhood Postcards is available from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

What types of photos should I include on the postcard?

We recommend using photos that demonstrate the quality of your product or service, such as work recently completed in the neighborhood. You might also consider featuring a photo of your store or some of the products you sell.

Is there a template I can use to design the postcard?

Please click on 4x6 template , 6x9 template, 6x11 template to download the PDF and learn more about the design guidelines. Open the file in the image design software of your choice. Disregard the address area section when designing the image for the front side of the postcard.

What is the paper quality and the dimensions of the postcard?

The postcard is printed in full-color on Premium, 14pt. glossy card stock. The postcard dimensions are 6.0" x 4.0" (152 mm x 102 mm).

What is a bleed (or trim) edge? Do I need to include it?

Yes. In printing, bleed is printing that goes beyond the edge of where the sheet will be trimmed. After trimming, the bleed ensures that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed document. Because of the bleed edge, your designs must be 6.25 inches by 4.25 inches. Preview the postcard on the final order confirmation page to ensure proper layout and margin.

Do you offer design services?

Even though we review every order that goes to print, we do not offer full design services. If you need a custom designed postcard, please use speedy online design services like Fiverr or Upwork.

Is it possible to request a physical proof before I send out the mailing?

Yes, on the check-out page, there will be an option to request a personal copy of the postcard. You do not need to place an order to request a personal copy. It will take about 5 business days for this postcard to arrive.

Where can I learn more about Neighborhood Postcards?

Thank you for your interest! We've helped thousands of small businesses throughout the years. For more information about our service and to read a full set of Frequently Asked Questions, check out our home page -

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Mailing Area - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the mailing area and the number of postcards?

To select the mailing area, type an address into the text field on top of this page. One can type a specific address, a street name, the name of a place a zip code or a town name. Below the input box, you will see a dropdown with a set of recommendations. Select one and our service will query the database for closest available addresses. It might take a few seconds longer initially as the database locates the first dataset. Afterall, it needs to search through latitude and longitude data of 160MM residential addresses.

What do the blue markers represent?

Each blue marker represents a mailing address. You can tap on the marker to see the house number, the street name and the apartment number (if available). If you are not seeing the right quantity of markers, it is possible that some markers are stacked on top of one another. This is common for buildings with multiple units. If you are not seeing any markers on the map, try to search for a different quantity or slightly different mailing area.

Are these the actual addresses where the postcards are sent?

During the printing and mailing process our system verifies each address against multiple data sources. In addition, we query USPS to ensure the address is deliverable. On certain occasions, when we determine that the address is not accurate, our systems automatically skip to the next closest address.

How do I know where the postcards are sent and when they arrive?

We print and mail the postcards within 48 hours. After placing the order, we will email you a link to the report which shows exactly where the postcards were sent and the tracking information for each postcard. The postcards are mailed USPS First class and typically arrive within 5 business days.

What neighborhoods should I target with my postcard campaign?

Consider neighborhoods that have the highest number of potential customers. A building contractor might want to target a neighborhood that has homes of a certain age. A dog walker might want to market to a neighborhood along an existing route. A landscaper could consider targeting neighborhoods with housing lots over a certain size.

Can I target by specific demographic information, upload my own list or send the postcards outside of the United States?

Please reach out to us and we can work with you to find the perfect location and the target audience for your mailing. We can ship to certain countries outside of the United States, and will work with you to determine the best option, timing and pricing.

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Payment & Processing - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to mail the postcards?

Our team reviews the target area and the postcard design. We print and mail the postcards within 48 hours. We will email you a link to the report which shows exactly where the postcards were sent and the tracking information for each postcard. The postcards are mailed USPS First class and typically arrive within 5 business days.

What payment methods can I use?

Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Your credit card will be charged within 24 hours of placing the order. The charge will appear as Stripe*NeighborhoodPostcards.

How can I track my Neighborhood Postcards order?

After placing the order you will receive the following communication from us. First, our payment processor (Stripe) will email you a receipt. Second, our fulfillment system will email you when the postcards are verified and sent to print. This email will include a link to a real-time report that shows exactly where the postcards were sent and the latest tracking information for each postcard. If you have not received any communication from us within 48 hours after placing the order, please reach out and we will be happy to track the order for you.

Can I send a copy of the postcard to myself?

Yes. Click on button to request a personal copy of the postcard. We will send a free postcard to the address you have specified at the same time we ship your order (if placed). As a rule of thumb, this is a good way to know that the postcards have arrived in the mailboxes of target recipients.

How do I reach support with questions?

We would love to hear your feedback and will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with Neighborhood Postcards. Please reach out to us by sending us an email to

Design and send marketing postcards in minutes. Access 160 Million residential addresses to create local marketing campaigns in the neighborhoods where you want to get business.

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