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Postcard Fonts & Colors

ACCENT COLOR: #ffffff #ffffff
LOGO POSITION (optional): Top Middle

Postcard Category: Retail & Sales

The postcards in this category are ideal for those that own a physical store. Whether you have a restaurant, brewery, auto-service location or a paint studio, this postcard is for you. Personalize your postcard by uploading your image and logo, and then customize the text with your marketing message.

Postcard Quantity & Pricing
Quantity 10 30 70 140 400 600
Price $10* $25 $55 $110 $300 $430
What is included in the price?
  • Mailing List Lookup
  • Postcard Printing
  • Expedited Shipping
  • USPS First Class Postage
  • Taxes, Shipping & Handling Fees

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* First time users get 10 free postcards. We print and mail them to any residential area you specify.

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Design and send marketing postcards in minutes. Access 160 Million residential addresses to create local marketing campaigns in the neighborhoods where you want to get business.

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